El-Barky M.M, El-Gendy S.S, El-Osh S.S, Nossiar W.S


Background: Ovarian cancer represent one of lethal malignancy if not discovered early. Most cases
present in late stages, so early detection of cancer ovary is one of important item many researches try
by different modalities for establishing the one or more methods for detection. Objectives: The aim
of this work is to evaluate the risk factors of cancer ovary, determine the role of ultrasound ,CA125, and
Doppler for early detection of ovarian cancer and evaluate the efficacy of risk of malignancy index in
detection of cancer ovary. Patients and methods: This study is performed for patients at Obstetrics
and Gynecology Department (outpatient units, inpatient units and emergency units), Zagazig
University Hospitals. It comprised 120 patients as a study group together with 10 apparently healthy
females as a reference group. Results: We found the significance of CA125, ultrasound data (solid
areas, papillae, length, depth, width), and risk of malignant index. By addition of Doppler data (PI&
RI) the significance become more , and hence , by use statistical analysis we found new index by
which the significance become more and more with sensitivity of 90.9%, specificity 88.4%, positive
predictive value 93.3%, and negative predictive value 84.4%. There is significance from cigarette
smoking, clomiphine citrae, FSH, and LH for cancer ovary development. Conclusion: Zagazig
ovarian cancer equation has the most significance in early detection of cancer ovary.

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