Wagdy A. Elsayed, Eman Essa


Background: Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition of the lung airways resulting in
episodic airflow obstruction. iron deficiency anemia is very common public health problem in
developing countries with incidence ranges from 35-90 % in developing countries and may be
a risk factor for asthma in children.
Objective: We investigated iron deficiency anemia, serum iron, total iron binding capacity,
serum ferritin in children with bronchial asthma to study possible association of both
conditions and possible role of iron deficiency anemia and iron deficiency in development of
bronchial asthma and its exacerbation.
Design: Case-control study.
Methods: complete blood count with peripheral smear was done; C-reactive protein was
determined by enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay "high sensitive C-reactive protein”.
erythrocyte sedimentation rate done by Win Trobe method. Serum iron, total iron binding
capacity was measured by spectrophotometer. Serum ferritin was measured by enzyme linked
immune assay.
Statistical analysis: Results of 40 asthmatic cases were analyzed and compared with 16
healthy controls using SPSS 20.
Results: iron deficiency anemia was significantly more frequent in asthma cases compared to
healthy controls. Serum iron and serum ferritin were significantly lower in asthmatic cases
compared to controls .Non anemic asthmatics showed significant lower hemoglobin , serum
ferritin compared with non-anemic healthy controls . Moderate cases of asthma showed
significant lower hemoglobin , red cell counts , serum ferritin compared with mild cases ,
They did not show significant difference with severe cases in these parameters .All three
groups" mild , moderate and severe" showed significant differences in these parameters.
Conclusion: We conclude that iron deficiency anemia is more prevalent in asthmatic children
compared to healthy controls. Asthmatic children have risk of iron deficiency even when they
are not anemic. red cell counts and iron deficiency increases with severity of asthmatic
Keywords: Childhood asthma, iron deficiency anemia, serum iron, serum ferritin
Abbreviations CBC:complete blood count , CRP : C-reactive protein, ELIZA : enzyme
linked immune-sorbent assay, ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate Fe :ferrous , FEV::forced
expiratory volume G6PD:glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase Hct: hematocrit value Hb :
hemoglobin ,Htc: hematocrit value, IDA : iron deficiency anemia , IgE : immunoglobulin E,
LRTI :lower respiratory tract infection, MCH: mean corpuscular hemoglobin MCHC: mean
corpuscular hemoglobin concentration , MCV::mean corpuscular volume RDW: red cell
distribution wide ,RBCs :red cell counts, WBCs : white blood cell counts TIBC :total iron
binding capacity.

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